Throwback – 2019 Firebird Club Show and Shine

With the last few posts all being project updates, and more still to come, I wanted to publish some event photos on the site for variety. The problem with this is that even on a normal year we wouldn’t have had many events yet (if any) because our winters end relatively late, and now we most likely won’t be getting any this season at all, because 2020.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m out of luck for sharing event photos because I have quite the collection built up not only from last season, but prior years as well. Regardless of if I’m planning to put together a post or not I very nearly always have my camera at my side whenever I go to a show/meet/cruise/etc as either a spectator or participant. I enjoy photographing these gatherings just for my own sake, so many photos end up in my collection and never see the light of day on the site. This year, I will be going back through the archives and mixing some of these in with the present-day project updates and other posts to keep some sense of normality on the blog and have some variety in the content. Regardless of them being current or not, I still enjoy looking through the photos and hopefully you all do too.

One event that I photographed last season which never made it on to the site was the Calgary Firebird Club’s annual Charity Show and Shine. It was a great day, and resulted in my first sunburn of the season too. Ah, tradition. Now, you’d think that with it being hosted by the Firebird Club I would have taken my Grand Prix so it could be parked with its relatives, but it was actually still in storage even though it was late May at this point. With the Focus taking my time leading up to Driven I had originally planned to pull the GP out right after but I instead ended up buying the Silvia, and then all of my free time was spent getting it fixed up to pass the OOP so the old sedan ended up waiting a little bit longer. I made up for its late return by putting more kilometers on it in a single season than it had ever seen since I’d stopped daily driving it nearly a decade ago, and it did get to attend another Pontiac-themed event later on anyway. Fortunately this show was open to everything so my lack of a Pontiac wasn’t a problem; in the end I tagged along with my mother and her S13, and we met up with Jeff and Gary who brought out their Viper and Continental to further add to the variety.

I hope you all enjoy this little look at the show, and be sure to check back soon as we carry on with some more updates on the cars; just because there are no shows going on now, it doesn’t mean we can’t still work on the projects in preparation for the future.

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