Back to Deerfoot City We Go

It had been a while since I’d last been up to Deerfoot City at all, let alone for a meet! July 3 – the night shown in these photos – was a rather pleasant one weather-wise and saw a good number of us gather at the usual bubble tea meet location for what ended up being quite a fun evening!

It’s worth noting that Jason’s Club A meets are officially returning now too, with the first one having taken place on this most recent Friday, the 10th. I don’t know if he intends to stick to the bi-weekly format they’d settled on last season but would assume so; however, I have a feeling that any clear and warm Friday evening will see cars gathering anyway so we might as well cruise up regardless. I did attend and photograph the 10th’s meet but as noted at the start these photos specifically are from the week prior, the 3rd.

Some of the highlights of the night were the opportunity to see Calvin’s new S15 sporting its Mag Blue TE37s (this was the first time I’d seen the car with the wheels on and also with my proper camera on me, so I grabbed a few shots), as well as Birdy’s A90 up close. Until this meet the closest I’d come to a production-spec MkV was seeing a couple on the road passing by, but hadn’t yet seen one in detail or even a modified one at all. With the drop, TEs, and StreetHunter wing it’s already standing out quite nicely.

I hung around for just over an hour or so before departing to make the drive home. I did quickly park the Focus along one of the main aisles for a photo though since it was completely empty; I might have to take advantage of the open space for a proper shoot of a car at some point while the opportunity is still present.

That all said I hope you enjoy this little gallery from the July 3rd meet, and be sure to check back for the 10th’s photos, coming in a future post!

Deerfoot City July 3 2020 1Deerfoot City July 3 2020 3Deerfoot City July 3 2020 4Deerfoot City July 3 2020 5Deerfoot City July 3 2020 6Deerfoot City July 3 2020 7Deerfoot City July 3 2020 8Deerfoot City July 3 2020 11Deerfoot City July 3 2020 9

Deerfoot City July 3 2020 12Deerfoot City July 3 2020 10Deerfoot City July 3 2020 13Deerfoot City July 3 2020 14Deerfoot City July 3 2020 15Deerfoot City July 3 2020 16Deerfoot City July 3 2020 17Deerfoot City July 3 2020 2Deerfoot City July 3 2020 18Deerfoot City July 3 2020 19Deerfoot City July 3 2020 20Deerfoot City July 3 2020 21Deerfoot City July 3 2020 22


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