APAC Ice Cream Run

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared photos from one of the Ice Cream Runs on the site before, but to be fair I can’t recall when it was that I last attended one anyway – it might have been earlier last season, with Jeff and Gary when I took the S15 out one night. The Alberta Pioneer Auto Club (APAC) hosts these every Tuesday during the car season, and have established a pretty relaxed approach to them with no formal planning or coordination really. The time is set and they rotate through a selection of local shops – a different one each week before then resetting the following month. Everyone knows when and where to be, and whoever is free and wanting to go that week shows up. Simple as that.

This week I decided I should get out to one of these again so I fired up the Focus and headed over to hang out for a bit. We had a small but pleasant gathering; some of the folks had taken their daily drivers instead of the classics and antiques, but there were still a few to photograph. I hope you enjoy!

APAC July 14 2020 4APAC July 14 2020 1

My mother gave her S13 a run this time and was able to park it with one of its relatives, Kyle’s 240Z. The Z had been purchased brand new by Kyle’s father, was then passed down to him on his 18th birthday, and he’s hung onto it since.

APAC July 14 2020 3APAC July 14 2020 9APAC July 14 2020 2

Hiding across the aisle was Fran’s GMC 9300 – I’m afraid I don’t know the exact year of it. Absolutely stunning condition.

APAC July 14 2020 5APAC July 14 2020 10APAC July 14 2020 11APAC July 14 2020 7

Also representing the truck side of things was Geoff’s ’72 Dodge Power Wagon. Interestingly the paint you see on it is not the original factory finish but is still from 1972. Originally a fleet truck, it was resprayed the company colour (a slightly lighter shade of green than it was built in) when brand new and then when it was a couple of years old was sold off into private hands. The interior still wears the OEM paint and is in fantastic shape. Mechanically the truck has been heavily worked on, so the body’s restoration will probably be coming up next.

APAC July 14 2020 6APAC July 14 2020 8

Naturally I had to take a photo of my own car too, also as proof that yes I do drive it, for my friends that tease me about not putting enough mileage on it. You know who you are. Haha

After ice cream I then followed my mother and Fran on a short cruise through the area before we split off for the night. I really enjoyed getting to see some of the folks I don’t run into as much and getting a chance to check over the cars too; there are worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening!


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