Sorority Row 2020

This was a rare occurrence for the year. A car show. It happened. We’ve been very fortunate that circumstances here have allowed some shows to go ahead recently, but the only one that I’ve seen any of – in person – was this one.

The girls from Redline Sorority pulled off something incredible though; with only a few weeks’ notice they brought together an amazing number of cars for their first-ever Sorority Row show last weekend, and from what I saw it all seemed to go extremely well. With Lordco sponsoring, the event was hosted at the familiar Lordco/A&W lot, and this is how I wound up there for a bit.

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You may recall it being mentioned on the blog that our Thunderbird Club has been having some small coffee/breakfast meetings at the A&W on Saturdays, as a way for us to still see each other on a regular basis and keep the club somewhat active this season. This particular Saturday was no exception and so we were there that morning with the TBird to hang out for a little bit (spy Ian and Janice’s new pink ’57 in the photo above).

Sorority Row 2020 1

As it happened, that put us there as the girls were starting to set up for the day.

Sorority Row 2020 12

As for why we didn’t stay for the show afterwards, by coincidence this was actually my mother’s birthday, so after celebrating with the club (candle-in-a-muffin style) we headed out for a day trip in the TBird which we’d already planned. I might toss that up in a later post since I took photos throughout.

Sorority Row 2020 2

Back to the show though; since I wouldn’t be able to see the main event I was happy to be able to at least catch some of the cars as they rolled in, and chat with the familiar faces that showed up. Aldrich was there too – hired to provide music for the day – and with the assistance of a bulk pack of extension cords had his equipment set up and ready to go.

Sorority Row 2020 17

The girls’ cars, cleaned up and ready.

Sorority Row 2020 33Sorority Row 2020 5Sorority Row 2020 4

Here’s something you’ll surely be seeing on more cars here as time goes on; Melodie had decals made up for Noodles the dog and everyone’s loving them it seems. We even have a couple.

Sorority Row 2020 10Sorority Row 2020 13

Speaking of Noodles, there she is.

Sorority Row 2020 11Sorority Row 2020 7Sorority Row 2020 8Sorority Row 2020 9

Playing around with the focus, with Yolanda’s spiked lug nuts and Turbomacs. #52family

Sorority Row 2020 31Sorority Row 2020 3

Jon came out to debut his new wheels and flex on the others with them (inside joke). But seriously, lowered on KWs and sitting on BBSs. Not bad at all, and more’s to come.

Sorority Row 2020 14Sorority Row 2020 32Sorority Row 2020 6

This is how you do air lines in an Audi. Wicked detail.

Sorority Row 2020 15Sorority Row 2020 16

While setup continued my mother brought the ‘bird around to briefly “participate” and wound up parked with some relatives, including Naila’s FiST.

Sorority Row 2020 18Sorority Row 2020 19

More rolling in, lot gradually filling up.

Sorority Row 2020 20Sorority Row 2020 28Sorority Row 2020 21

One thing became apparent: the show wasn’t going to be lacking variety.

Sorority Row 2020 22Sorority Row 2020 24

This FD especially caught our attention, though the colour certainly helped.

Sorority Row 2020 23

Final touches…

Sorority Row 2020 25

It’s always nice to see a Mister Two out.

Sorority Row 2020 26Sorority Row 2020 27

With the Thunderbird rolled back around to rejoin the club’s lineup, its spot was taken by a Mk3.5 sedan to keep the Ford theme going. Of course I had to grab a photo, because Focus sedan.

Sorority Row 2020 29Sorority Row 2020 30

And the last photo of the day is the one you saw as the cover – and it was made the cover because when was the last time you saw a Talon/Eclipse of this generation? I headed straight for this as soon as I saw it; is anyone else having the NFS Underground 1 intro play in their head? No, just me?

Right after this is when we then hit the road but we did actually manage to stop in during the return trip for all of 5 minutes (before heading to Giuseppe’s for pizza), just in time to catch the wrapping-up of the festivities and see a few more of the cars that came out. My camera had long since died by that point though so this is where the photos end for today.

A massive congratulations goes to the girls again for what they pulled off, especially given the small window of time between planning and hosting the event. From what I’ve heard everyone greatly enjoyed the day and even if we couldn’t be around for the main event, it was still a lot of fun to hang out and watch during setup.


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