APAC Ice Cream Runs – Vol 2

For your Monday morning coffee read – since I know that’s quite a common time for the site to be checked out – I went ahead and edited a batch of photos from some of the more recent Alberta Pioneer Auto Club (APAC) Ice Cream runs to get some older metal up on the site.

Since the last post on APAC – which went up in July – I made it out to a few more of their outings as they continued on their rotation of various ice cream vendors around the city. Since these were taken the official final run of the season has also been held, although with the weather holding – somewhat – for now they’ve decided to keep going and fit in a few more outings this year. Why not, given the chance, right?

For the couple of gatherings in today’s photos I had the S15 with me given the Focus was hiding away in storage, so I was very much the odd one out with my wrong-side drive Japanese car but we were all there as members of APAC and lovers of cars so like the rest it was getting its share of attention and inquiries too.

Speaking of the rest, with classics and antiques I find I’m quite often drawn to, and therefore shooting, the details of them as opposed to strictly grabbing whole vehicle shots. Modern cars aren’t short on details but you can’t deny that those from decades gone by simply have more ornamental features throughout. Add to that the inevitable inclusion of some patina here and there and it’s quite fun to throw on the telephoto to pick out tiny areas or parts as opposed to just shooting the entire vehicle and leaving it at that. As such there’s a stronger focus today on emblems, lights, and so forth, further changing things up from typical meet coverage.

I hope you enjoy; thanks for viewing!


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