2020 Store Update – Wave 2

As a quick interlude to the regularly-scheduled posts this week, I wanted to highlight some of the latest updates to the storefront!

The first item of note today was the first of Wave 2 to be added; the long-awaited Version 3 SE emblems! Following the major redesign for V2, for V3 the colour of the border was revised slightly to better match the OEM pieces, and to sit alongside the traditional red ST-inspired emblems we now have blue RS-inspired emblems as well. These remain as the closest-to-OEM in terms of appearance and now have a lower price too as an added bonus!

While new decals were also added, those of note were the small-run-turned-popular-request #SAVETHECARMEETS decals. You all know the story by now if you’ve followed our social media (or that of many others in town), seen our posts, or follow Jason’s blog. A handful of these were made up out of frustration about what we were seeing and as soon as we had them on a few of our cars people were asking for more, and more, and more. I made them a regularly-stocked item in the store – with free shipping and a lower cost to help get even more out – and they’re definitely a talking point right now.

To follow them up I made a few slightly different styles as well in case anyone wasn’t a fan of the original, or its plain white text. The saying – and the point – is getting out there it seems (though not fast enough as we have learned). Regardless people keep asking for these, so there’s now a small variety to choose from.

There will be more soon as we have some printed decals in the works right now. It’s been a while since we’ve released any so I figured it was definitely time to work on some new designs. I can’t wait to see the finished products!



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