How We Put an ST Valance on A Focus Sedan

Just as I did for the ST front bumper a few months back, I figured it was time to revisit the fitting of the “ST” rear valance on Mustard given the frequency of questions I see regarding it. It was back in early 2015 that this piece first went on the car so a fair bit of time has passed since the original posts were put together.

Similar to the bumper’s video this is more of a quick overview and not a step-by-step how-to piece, but the real item of note here is that the valance – for those unaware – isn’t actually a factory ST part but an aftermarket component from Rebel Devil Customs instead. As shown in the video, given the sedans are longer than their hatch counterparts they can’t use a factory ST valance which is why RDC had to make this for us instead.

In the video’s description I included the links to the original blog posts from 2015, and I’ve added them below as well.

Valance reveal:

Valance fitting:

ST Sedan Valance 1

It’s unfortunate that for us sedan owners it’s not as simple as finding a wrecked ST or grabbing a new piece from Ford, but in reality there’s not that much from an ST which won’t fit the 4-door siblings. Thankfully we had RDC come to the rescue to produce the missing piece of the puzzle for the ST sedan body conversions.


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