2020 // Fall Blog Update

For a car season that we originally believed wouldn’t really happen, it sure ended up being a pretty good one all things considered.

3G Oct 4 2020 1

No, we couldn’t have our big events like Driven or iMSS but as things eased up a bit we were able to fit in quite a number of gatherings, make progress on the projects, and create a lot of memories along the way. I ended up exploring a lot of Alberta that I’d never seen before, met tons of new folks at the various events around (and outside) of the city, and – as many commented – kept quite a stream of posts going on the site while doing so.


In fact, since May the blog has basically been running on a schedule of two posts per week. There was plenty to photograph and write about and while that doesn’t keep up to the (expected?) daily format of many YouTube channels out there it sure kept me busy (and put a pretty big dent in my hard drive’s storage space).

S15 night 1

However, as we move into the end of the car season now I don’t expect that I’ll be able to keep that going. It’s not for lack of content – not at all – but as work schedules change I don’t believe I’ll be able to (or should) keep that rate up. As such, with October now well and truly here I’ll be reverting back to a once-a-week schedule although I won’t restrict myself to that. If I have the ability to I will absolutely put out a second post mid-week, but otherwise will aim to keep the site updated once a week at a minimum from here until spring. There’s still a massive pile of photos to go through and stories to write so I won’t be running out of things to share any time soon (especially as more happens in the off season anyway) but it will all come down to the amount of time I get to devote to the site each week.

Explore Alberta 8

On that note, thank you to everyone who followed along this season; thanks for the likes, shares, comments, emails, and feedback. I hope that you all enjoy what’s still to come too! For a year that was looking like it’d be a write-off, I think we salvaged it pretty well.


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