Our First 2021 F-150s

While we’ve already had our first looks at the coming ’21 Bronco Sport and Mach-E, we’ve still yet to see the actual production version of either. Both examples that came by our dealership were prototypes that – despite being nearly exactly what consumers will end up parking in their driveways – technically weren’t the “real” vehicles, so we’re still waiting on our first opportunity to see the true production-spec versions of each. Hopefully it’ll be before too long.

In contrast, what you see here is an actual production, ready-to-sell, ’21 F-150. I will fully admit that even despite being a brand-new generation, our first delivery of these this past week naturally didn’t bring with it the same level of excitement as the demos of the Bronco Sport and Mach-E did, but a few of us ran outside as soon as the trailer pulled up out front to get a look – and once these had been brought inside (where it was warm) many more came over to check them out too.

Of course many of us (myself included) are waiting to see what the eventual Raptor version of these will bring to the table, but as this was the first opportunity to finally see the new design and details in person it was quite fun to quickly poke around the truck and of course, try out that famous shifter. Erik and I briefly held up our lot attendants to check out this blue XLT as it warmed up outside before I then popped back in the shop – once it came in – for a few more photos.

To put in my own two cents on the new generation: the back end doesn’t really do it for me (the tail lights are mainly to blame) but the interior is amazing and the new lighting up front (if equipped with the LED headlights like this one) is gorgeous. You know I adore my little easter eggs and details in cars, and this model in particular features a map of Detroit in the door panel trim while the American flag on either end of the dashboard is absent on our Canadian-market trucks.

All together it’s quite a nice overhaul of the ever-trusty F-150, even if to the untrained eye it could pass for the previous generation. Now, bring on the Raptor!

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