Giuseppe’s S15 (& The Photo We Waited All Year For)

It may have taken the entire season but Giuseppe and I at least have one photo of our S15s together, as they sat following their respective 2020 updates. My car of course was off the road for the first half of the summer, but Giuseppe’s unfortunately was almost entirely absent until fall as he dealt with some issues he was having perfecting some of the new parts. Add to that our differing schedules (AKA his insanely busy one) and it wasn’t until he had the car with him at work one day, and I was on my way home from a meet, that I could finally get both in the frame at the same time.

Given it was also the first time I’d seen the now-wider S15 I made sure to grab a few extra photos too. As such, while this isn’t intended as a full feature I’m still putting it into the A Look At category since it’ll be showing off the latest and greatest iteration of his build.

World of Wheels 2018 5

In case anyone is unfamiliar with the car, and to better illustrate the changes for ’20, I figured I should bring in some photos from the prior years as well. First up is how the car debuted at World of Wheels in 2018 with its full colour change to the R35’s OEM blue, Vertex fenders and hood, URAS lip, shaved OEM wing, and of course, Ganadors. Every car needs Ganadors.

Beyond 2019 10

Beyond 2019 13

Jump ahead to 2019, and not only was I able to get a few photos of my (then) newly-acquired Spec S next to Giuseppe’s Spec R, but you could see a sudden and drastic change in its overall appearance with the new Wise Square bumper and skirts, as well as the Varis GT wing.

bignjpn 2020 1

Jump again to 2020, and mine had gone from a mostly-white nugget to Chalk while Giuseppe’s had undergone some surgery…

bignjpn 2020 5

The big additions were new D-Max overfenders, housing much more aggressive SSR SP1s.

bignjpn 2020 8

The front meanwhile didn’t receive extra width, but did get some extra aggression via Supermade fender canards on top of the existing Vertex pieces.

bignjpn 2020 4

He also added some Aerowolf visors to the Ganadors, in (I believe) the same colour I ended up choosing as well.

bignjpn 2020 3

Unless I’m mistaken, the only other parts shared between the two cars are the D-Max tail lights and Yashio Factory shift knob, though his of course is the 6-speed version.

bignjpn 2020 7

For those curious the car is still SR20DET-powered though it had been pulled out for a fairly serious overhaul a season or two ago. If you haven’t seen an S15 in person (hello, my American readers. Haha) it’s easy to overestimate the footprint of these cars; they’re actually fairly small all things considered so a little horsepower goes a long way…and Giuseppe’s is still making at least double what mine does.

World of Wheels 2018 3bignjpn 2020 2

With the new aero on top of 2019’s updates the S15 certainly has come a long way and aside from the colour is almost unrecognizable as the same build that debuted in ’18. However, the comparison I find more interesting is that of this S15 against his prior R32.

LOWCALS meet 8bignjpn 2020 6

That’s because, while it’s obviously a different chassis with many different parts on it, you can still very clearly see a signature style coming through in both and tell that the same person was behind them. There are a few shared bits, yes, but the collection of parts on each all worked towards a very clear overall style and flair that leaves little surprise as to what license plate you’ll find out back. Giuseppe knows how to build his Nissans.


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