Delivery: Track Pack GT500

Tonight’s post is pretty straight-forward but hopefully something enjoyable for those of you stopping by; I know Yolanda in particular had wanted to see these photos when I mentioned this had been delivered.

Since the arrival of the first GT500 – nearly a year ago already, as it happens – a few more have made their way through our doors but this one in particular was of interest to me because it wore the optional Carbon Fiber Track Pack, meaning that the rear seats were ditched in favour of a delete panel, mounted on the trunk lid was the enormous carbon fiber wing, and it sat on the oh-so-nice, pray-you-never-curb-them carbon fiber wheels. The owner of this example had also opted for Rapid Red paint with the Ebony vinyl stripes.

There’s not much to say here beyond that but I did manage to get a closer look at this one as compared to the Ford Performance Blue non-Track Pack car seen on the site last year, so I hope you enjoy the additional photos. And yes, it was a coincidence that I had that magazine in my backpack when this car came through the shop so I figured why not get it in a photo?

Red GT500 13Red GT500 14Red GT500 9Red GT500 1Red GT500 2Red GT500 10Red GT500 15Red GT500 16Red GT500 17Red GT500 18Red GT500 3Red GT500 12Red GT500 4Red GT500 11Red GT500 5Red GT500 6Red GT500 7Red GT500 8


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