Deerfoot City Meets – Vol 3

After a crazy cold spell that we experienced recently (well in to the minus 20s before windchill) our current near-zero temperatures certainly feel like summer in comparison. My own elation at these warm-by-our-standards-but-still-stupid-cold-by-José’s days got me thinking about actual summer however, and it then dawned on me that by this point we’re probably only a couple of months out from being able to sneak the toys out for some of the first drives of the year. With the end of February already approaching it really won’t be long now before we need to start thinking about cleaning up and servicing the cars in preparation for what’s looking to be another improv season of various meets, cruises, and exploration just as we did for most of last summer.

With images of warm summer nights in mind I felt like it was a good time for some literal images of them, looking at Deerfoot City in particular. As per usual this set is an assortment of photos from a few different evenings, showing a little bit of this and a little bit of that; these gatherings really were quite good for bringing together a wide range of vehicles, be it supercars, classic Japanese metal, or even Donks (watch for those in a future post).

I hope you enjoy today’s photo set, and if you’ll excuse me now, I think I should take advantage of this warmer weather to start turning some wrenches…

Deerfoot City August 7 2020 4Deerfoot City August 7 2020 5Deerfoot City August 7 2020 6Deerfoot City August 7 2020 7Deerfoot City August 14 2020 2Deerfoot City August 14 2020 3Deerfoot City August 14 2020 4Deerfoot City August 14 2020 5Deerfoot City August 14 2020 6Deerfoot City August 21 2020 1Deerfoot City August 21 2020 2Deerfoot City July 31 2020 2Deerfoot City July 31 2020 3Deerfoot City July 31 2020 4Deerfoot City July 31 2020 5Deerfoot City July 31 2020 6Deerfoot City July 31 2020 7Deerfoot City July 31 2020 8Deerfoot City July 31 2020 9Deerfoot City July 31 2020 10Deerfoot City July 31 2020 11Deerfoot City July 31 2020 12Deerfoot City July 31 2020 13Deerfoot City July 31 2020 14Deerfoot City July 31 2020 15Deerfoot City July 31 2020 16Deerfoot City July 31 2020 17


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