Explore Alberta – Vol 3

With the weather we’ve had here the last few days there have been more and more cars coming out of hiding for an early jaunt or two, from classic American muscle to some exotics as well. Mustard and the Grand Prix are still in full hibernation mode but the S15 was actually awakened today so it could be rolled out into the sun, and left to get up to temperature and circulate the fluids a bit. The roads are still coated in rocks and grime so it won’t be going anywhere just yet though.

With excitement quickly growing for the upcoming car season it felt like a good night to publish this set of photos, from one of the Silvia’s final big outings of last year. These ended up being some of my favourite shots of the year and I’m pretty sure this was the furthest the car had been taken from my house in the time I’ve owned it: down to Nanton. Obviously these days we’re all staying a bit closer to home base but I do realize this wasn’t exactly some epic road trip – regardless it was nice to go visit and see some of the sights for a brief period, before turning around and heading back. They were a nice way to mark the (almost) end of the season, after the car’s makeover and (substantial) improvement as compared to how it sat at the beginning. This year work will of course continue in between the other projects’ updates but the car won’t see an overhaul as involved as last year’s until the day comes that we pull the engine for both its and the bay’s makeovers. Until then it’ll be many other – smaller – jobs that see themselves crossed off the list.

But anyway, on to the photos. And Nanton. Nanton is far from large – being a town of just over 2,000 – but it is home to the Bomber Command Museum of Canada which was my primary destination as I wanted some pictures of the car next to the planes. My Grand Prix had sat in this very spot a few years prior as did the Thunderbird earlier last season, so I wanted to shoot the Silvia here as well.

I was in town later in the afternoon after the museum had closed, so I had free rein of the lot which was nice. No one to get in the way of the photos, nor for me to be in the way of.

Shiny primer.

Since the hangar was closed up I could also park in front of the doors which made for a nice backdrop, matching the car’s colour scheme. These are easily the most rebellious photos I’ve ever posted, parking where it says not to. Haha

I will note that I didn’t clean the car at all for these photos – you can see how the rear wheels are clearly a different shade. The S15’s rear pads aren’t quite as bad as Mustard’s fronts but they do dirty the Meisters rather quickly.

I haven’t shot the interior much as it’s still a work-in-progress; I’m looking forward to spending some more time in here this season. The fingerboard is a nod to when I used to skateboard a long time ago, and it matches the car’s colour scheme because of course I would do that.

I’m still over the moon with how the once-junk headlights cleaned up, but the passenger side bumper-to-fender gap could be better; a new OEM bracket is definitely going to be fitted to fix this.

Rebellion continued, ignoring the lines.

Obviously I frequent the more classic-oriented shows as well and it has been interesting to note the different responses that the Silvia and Focus have received at them. The Focus always got attention and great feedback from onlookers but the Silvia – along with catching many by surprise by being RHD – seems to be much more “understood”, perhaps because it’s a little older and falls a bit into the restoration/restomod part of the hobby (incidentally yes, the S15 received its own mini info display for these events just as the Focus had, highlighting all of work carried out).

The final shot at the museum for the day, before a small drive through the small town to a second spot.

I didn’t stay here long but before leaving I wanted a couple of photos with the grain elevators for the visual contrast of the Japanese car in a very small-town Alberta setting. I’m sure the original owner – whomever it was – never imagined that his or her little coupe would wind up so far away from home some day.

And with that, I’m wrapping up tonight’s post. It won’t be long now before the S15 can properly come out of hiding – sporting a slightly revised look – for some new photos and mini road trips. I’m definitely overdue for some fresh photos of Mustard as well though, and perhaps it’s time for it to head down to Nanton for its own pictures with the planes.


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