3G Meet, Round 2

I know I opened the last post with a similar sentiment, but it’s too good to ignore; our weather is still holding for the time being so each day we’re seeing more and more summer cars being snuck out for the first drives of the year. I won’t be switching the winters off of the daily any time soon though as there will most likely be another surprise or two in store before it’s actually car season (because Calgary), but at least we’re still getting the chance to enjoy a sample of what’s to come once we’ve progressed a bit further through the year. 

Similar to how more cars are seeing their first kilometers of the year we’ve also been able to hold a few more small meets – we shared photos of the first a couple of weeks ago – and with them have come a few questions regarding the 3G meets that we started up last fall. The big question is naturally if they’ll be returning this year and the answer is a solid yes, as schedules and conditions allow. We’ve had those few very small Cars and Coffee (and Canines) gatherings thus far but as restrictions (hopefully) ease and more of the fun cars come out of hiding, the plan is to host some formal 3G meets again and carry on with what started off so well last year. 

If you’re a newer reader here and are unfamiliar with these, the 3G meets (dubbed as such by Jason) were made in response to the unbelievable stupidity and ignorance showcased at an alarming amount of the regularly-scheduled, public meets last season. Some quick planning and private messaging resulted in these short notice, invite-only meets and they were FANTASTIC. Truly the closest thing we’d seen in a long time to the OG Beyond meets, people showed up, parked, and then actually had intelligent conversations instead of bouncing their cars off limiter and performing miserably failed attempts at donuts. 

So yes, these will be back in 2021 as soon as we can responsibly host them. They will stay short notice, stay invite-only, and stay on an irregular schedule with changing locations. It may sound crazy that these are the steps required to keep these controlled, but that’s what it came to. The end result of these extra steps was a great group of people bringing out some amazing cars and having a brilliant time. Dare I say it – the perfect car meets. 

Now, with all of this talk out of the way I do of course have some photos for you all and since we’re on the topic of 3G meets, naturally that’s what they’re of. Specifically, all of these are from our second (and final) gathering last year which was held at Steve’s new shop VS-One Automotive. A big thank-you goes to the team for hosting, offering a quiet and out-of-the-way location for us to hang out on a beautiful Sunday morning. As we just about get to the end of the stockpiled 2020 meet photos now (always have to plan ahead when the car season is only half a year) these feel like a great way with which to get excited for what’s to come, in the not-too-distant future. A few of these photos had been dropped in to the odd post over the winter where appropriate, but at last the full set can go live and it’s one I’m really rather pleased with. While we only had time to organize a couple of 3G meets last year I want to thank everyone who attended for making them the best of the season, and I can’t wait to get these underway again in 2021. 

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