Mario’s New RPF1s

Between Mario, Austin, and myself, I’m pretty sure that it’s impossible for someone to list 5×108 wheels for sale locally and us to not know about them. Quite often messages are going back and forth with Kijiji links and similar, with gentle teasing about “you should buy these!” – so naturally, sometimes that’s what happens. 

Earlier this year, one rather interesting set came up for sale – some 18×9 +35 Enkei RPF1s. This is a wheel not really seen on Mk3s much around here, so it really stood out as a rather tempting opportunity…one which Mario took! 

And I think we can all agree it was a great decision on his part! With the new shoes Selsun immediately looks tougher…

…and the black finish might help hide some of that brake dust. Haha

As for rubber, he currently has some 235/40 Goodyear Eagle F1s mounted but these will likely be swapped out for a different tires as per his preferences. These were merely some that he had on hand to throw on the wheels for now.  

Whenever the time does come to switch out the tires, care will once again have to be taken with the wheel weights because clearances on these are unbelievably tight! Everything does clear just fine, but it looks pretty crazy if you peek through the spokes.

And with this photo, that is unfortunately all I have for today. I’ve only seen Selsun in person once since the wheels were installed – schedules, conditions, etc – so only have these few quick shots of it to share here. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to shoot some more photos of it soon, to show more angles with these new RPF1s in the arches!


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