The Mk3 Focus Sedan Wing You All Ask About

Last fall, given the continued number of questions that came in about it and the fact that some time had passed since it was first installed, I put together a quick revisit of sorts on the ST Sedan rear valance that Mustard wears. As well, since it had never been covered in detail on the YouTube channel (outside of some quick mentions during walk-arounds of the build), I put the bulk of the information into a video with just a quick post on the site to cover the highlights.

This week we’re taking a similar approach with another piece on the back of the car that is continually the subject of many incoming questions, and that would be the wing. Fellow sedan owners are always asking for details on the wing and hoping for a link they can follow to purchase one for their own car, but this is where the news isn’t quite what they want to hear.

Anyone who was reading the blog back in 2015 may recall the original unveiling of this piece (the original posts are linked below, incidentally), but if you didn’t know: it’s 3dCarbon’s Pedestal Wing, and it is the rarest piece on the car with only a handful of copies known to exist in the world. Two are here in Canada (with myself and Forbsio) and a couple more are on cars in the USA (that we know of, even after all of these years and time spent on the forums and other online groups for the vehicles).

Despite the less-than-ideal answer to the question “where can I get one?”, I still wanted to provide a proper look at the aftermarket wing, and to better show the impact that it has on the appearance of a sedan I pulled Mustard’s original out of storage. With so few in the wild there aren’t exactly many photos (or videos) documenting the part.

However, in an attempt to offer some information to sedan owners that can actually be used, I did do some digging through Ford’s parts catalogue once again and pulled up the part numbers for the OEM sedan wings so that any wingless owners who want to add something can have a starting point. Of note is the fact that I specified “wings” plural because, yes, Ford did revise them as part of the facelift and I have seen confusion about this online. Whereas hatch spoilers were unchanged from 2012-18, there are in fact two distinct sedan wings: one for ’12-14 (pre-facelift) cars, and another for ’15-18 (facelift). The only apparent change was to the profile of the feet – where the piece actually touches the trunk lid – but regardless there are two versions. To my knowledge no one has tried swapping pre-facelift and facelift wings (and I have not measured their widths) but it could be possible to interchange them and still have them properly line up with the trunk lids. Something to explore in the future, perhaps.

Anyway, below are the part numbers, video, and links if you wish to dig any deeper into the subject of Mk3 sedan wings, and I think that’s a good place to sign off for this evening; I know you’re all likely playing Forza Horizon 5 now anyway, haha (and I’m going to sign on to join some of the others now too). I hope this provided some assistance if you were at all curious about what wing Mustard had, or if you were wanting to add an OEM wing to your own sedan’s bare trunk lid.

Wing reveal:

Wing fitting:

OEM 2012-14 wing: CP9Z-5444210-AA

OEM 2015-18 wing: F1EZ-5444210-AA

OEM wing hardware (same for all model years): W520201-S437


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