Our First Look at the 2021 Bronco

Over the last few months, probably every variation of the question “have the new Broncos arrived yet?” has been sent my way. Are they here, when are they here, have they arrived, do you know when they’re coming – you get the idea. The excitement around these is real – and for good reason.

Happily, I can finally share that the new Bronco has arrived! Or, kind of arrived. Technically.

What you see here is the demo Bronco that was brought by Advantage on Thursday so that we could take our first look at it. As per usual with these demos we couldn’t get super in-depth with it but it still provided a chance to look over it inside and out and grab some photos. Perhaps when the actual production vehicles start showing up I can borrow the keys to one for an hour to run through it all in more detail…

Anyway, the demo was a 4-door Outer Banks version of the Bronco – in Velocity Blue with the Dark Space Grey and Navy Pier leather interior – putting it basically in the middle of the lineup (if you count the First Edition as well). There wasn’t a full spec sheet accompanying this but after some playing around in the Ford configurator – trying to spec one as closely as possible based on the details and features I saw in this example – what you’re looking at should come in at just over $59,000 Canadian (thanks to the Lux Package which added some interior conveniences and an upgraded sound system).

While I wasn’t outside for long, even a quick look revealed plenty of nice little details scattered around the vehicle including the labeled lift points on the door panels, Bronco engravings on bolt heads, and “Bronco / Est 1966” text on the windshield. Speaking of the windshield, I will point out that yes it was already cracked. Alberta spec!

Of them all, my favourite touch had to be the little plate on the center console which utilized the bolts to mimic the face of the Bronco. Brilliant detail! It would seem that Ford really packed a lot of fun little easter eggs and hidden logos to discover in these, some of which you’ll see in the photos below.

On that, the rest of today’s post is that continued gallery of the new Bronco, and a quick video walkaround as well (linked at the bottom). Now we know they’re getting close so the countdown begins for the first delivery of these later on. Of course, my real excitement comes from wanting to see what the aftermarket does with these because we all know that many won’t be staying in their standard configurations. The next SEMA should be quite interesting!


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