Taking The Nissans Out For Photos

First off, I hope everyone is having a great Canada Day/Fourth of July weekend, or just a great weekend! Choose your greeting based on your location.

Today’s post is a pretty simple one; no crazy meet coverage or complex new installs, rather just a couple of sets of photos from the S13 and S15 venturing out together. It’s always fun when my mother and I can have these out simultaneously because the pair usually turns a number of heads, but they each also offer a unique driving experience for us; the S13 is the only convertible she’s ever owned and the S15 is the only RHD I’ve ever owned. 

Speaking of convertibles, the photos today are actually from two separate nights with the first group featuring a second ‘vert in the form of Geoff’s Retro Bird (Retro Bird being the nickname for the final generation of the Thunderbird line). 

The lighting wasn’t anything special this evening (or location, for that matter) but it was nice to see the trio lined up so I grabbed a few shots. I only had my telephoto on at this time hence the limited angles from which I could have all three in the frame together. 

On the topic of Thunderbirds and cars that complement each other, Geoff’s ’60 Thunderbird (AKA Square Bird) is finished in a very similar paint colour and with the help of his daughter he occasionally has them together at local events too, which always looks amazing!  

The colour-matched steering wheel (yes that’s factory) was always a cool touch on these. 

The other shots here, starting below, come from a few days later when my mother and I decided to take the two Nissans for some photos of them together in the evening sun. We didn’t really have any set plans but I remembered a spot out in Springbank that Jay had utilized for part of Mustard’s Car People video shoot back in 2019. I figured it’d be nice and out of the way, so we made our way over.  

When we got to the area I led us to one of the roads Jay and I had used and we lined the two cars up for a quick series of photos.

Aside from a new windshield last season (out of necessity) my mother continues to keep the S13 as untouched as possible. The only changes it sees are service items, such as the new tires that were just fitted a month or two ago. The last set still had plenty of tread in them but, unsurprisingly, hadn’t been used up before they simply got to be too old.  

The S15 meanwhile is missing more of its interior again (I’ve already had the interior in and out of this car more times than I care to count) as it’s the focus of this year’s efforts, especially with Driven getting ever closer. 

Some portraits of the two, for good measure. I’ve debated getting a Japanese plate for the front of the S15 as well but at the same time like the look without, even with the plate mount (intentionally) left in the bumper. 

Crouching down in the small ditch for a different angle. 

Mod list: decals and Japanese plate. I’m not sure where she had been driving prior to these photos but those wheel wells definitely needed a tidy. Haha

With the S13’s lights popped up I thought this could be a fun angle. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. You be the judge. 


The light kept getting better and better, but by this point we could see some rather questionable-looking clouds off in the distance so decided it was best to start taking these two back to safety. I fired off a couple more photos before packing away the camera and we called it a night. 

Hopefully if the timing works out we can get these two out together again later on for some more photos here and there (outside of the meets and such they go to) but I’m very happy to have these little sets anyway. We’ve also already discussed with a couple of people that we should perhaps try to line these up with an S14 as well to complete the trio for a picture or two… 


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