Steel Dreamz 2021 – Part 1

Happy Friday everyone! As I continue to work through the various photos from last weekend’s events I figured I might as well get the first little set up now so you all have something to look at. As such, Part 1 comes to you a little earlier than our usual scheduling would have you expect.

I must say, even with the weather, Steel Dreamz really was quite fun. As my first time attending at all, let alone as a participant, I was excited to check it out and add it to the list of events I’ve been to over the years. With Speedy inviting us to bring a few cars out to have in their lineup we really couldn’t say no and we knew we’d be in some good company anyway.

The weekend’s forecast in the days leading up to the event had consistently said rain as a strong possibility but we remained hopeful that we’d have a break in the weather, at least for the drive over and the following setup portion of the day. Alas we did not, but the cars made it to the venue (Charlesglen Toyota) relatively clean for the conditions at least.

On that, one thing that Charlesglen has done right is invest in tents for their lot which keep the inventory safe, but also – conveniently – work rather well to allow their annual show to go on rain or shine. While we did have to detail all of the cars again once we had parked (I managed to use an entire bottle of detail spray between the S15 and Suburban), the tents would allow them to then stay clean – and us to stay dry – should the rain continue during the day. Fortunately it didn’t, so before long we didn’t have to worry about running from one to another to avoid getting soaked.

For the coverage this year I’ll begin with the first tent and with Speedy’s line-up specifically, which was one entire side of said tent; from this Hilux to Terence’s EK at the other end, every car was one they’d invited down with very nearly each one having received a full respray from them.

There really was a good bit of diversity in just their selection, and (as mentioned in the previous post) some rather strong builds as 4 different trophies ended up coming home with the cars representing the shop. Their restomodded 4Runner, very excitingly, ended the day with the Best in Show award!

Binh’s 240Z meanwhile made its first public appearance in quite some time, and took home the Best Import award.

Then there was our trio: my S15, my mother’s Suburban, and Doug’s E30.

With a couple more additions and tweaks since the last time it was seen on the blog, my mother can basically now call the Suburban “complete” as far as this phase is concerned. Some day – likely a few years down the road – the engine will be due to come out for its own refresh but for now the only thing left on my to-do list is to clean up and refit the original 1500 emblems on the doors for her. I still intend to do a proper post highlighting the work that this thing saw following the repaint as there were quite a few parts fitted between then and the next time you all saw it, which was when I borrowed it for an Edmonton parts run.

Doug’s E30 is also one I intend to do a dedicated post on, as this was the first time I’d ever been able to shoot the car with my full camera kit and took the chance to finally grab some photos to properly show it off.

Let’s get back on track though; today is all about Steel Dreamz. Carrying on with Speedy’s lineup, this Nova was next in line and like the C10 next to it, wasn’t quite some numbers-matching restoration…I’m afraid I don’t know who owns it so can’t delve into any real details on its build unfortunately.

The ’67 C10 sat next to it was voted Best Truck; with the supercharged 6.2 this thing must fly.

The ’86 Monte Carlo was also packing a modern powertrain under the classic sheetmetal.

Getting near the end of the line now, this ’74 bus won Best European! The interior had been fully redone in the same colour combination as well and from the turned heads and smiles I saw, it seemed to be a real crowd favourite. How could you not like this?

Could you get any further from a 1970s VW bus? Next up was a current-gen NSX which, dare I say it, is the more-unexpected sighting as compared to original NSXs here. Haha.

And last but not least for our group was Terence’s Chinablau EK; it’s always a treat to see it out, especially as it doesn’t get as much use these days because #dadlife. I know he toyed with selling it earlier this year but I’m glad to see he still has it – it’d be a mistake to let it go. The CTR decals were a new touch which – I’ll be honest – didn’t sit overly well with me but you can’t really fault this build because it’s all done so freaking well.

Easily one of the best bays around, framing a K-swap as well. You know I had to point my camera at this one for a while, again. How to Build an EK, 101.

Now we move over to the other aisle, starting off with this gorgeous first-gen Camaro.

A few more cars arrived and filled out this row a bit later in the day, so we now jump down to Andrew’s Lexus IS-F. Aimgain kit, T-Demand suspension, dropped on Leon Hardiritt wheels; THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT. One of the cars setting the bar for VIP builds in Calgary for sure.

As they (and we) continue to age, it’s awesome to see more and more preserved examples of our generation’s ’90s/’00s icons appearing at events. I can’t recall the last time I saw an original IS this clean and well cared-for, but (unfortunately) it found itself sat next to a time capsule of a MkIV Supra which will never cease to draw huge attention.

And in case you were wondering: a 6-speed, twin turbo, targa, CANADIAN-market MkIV at that.

GT3 casually rolling by, on its way to find a spot and set up. I came back for more photos in our tent a little later – once that second row had filled in – but for now it’s off to the next group of cars.

First up in the next tent was this Aero-kitted S15 Spec R, complete with visors and some aggressively-sized wheels; the white finish of which helped to show how good the barrels’ detailing was, especially given the circumstances. I’ll just say it’s a good thing you weren’t at the Closer the following day Jason, you would have smacked me upside the head for the Tarmacs’ barrels. BBK + rain.

For as wild as the Pandem kit is, having a livery-free body and a simple gloss colour really do keep it from being out of control visually. With the meaty tires and TE37Vs this FR-S looked amazing and it was all done to a really high standard. So many cars have widebodies tossed on these days so it’s always nice to see one with a tidy install and supporting mods as well.

Super clean Civic sedan with a very tasteful and functional setup, on some 57CRs.

Next to it was a WRX sedan also done very tastefully, and it too had some 57CRs but finished in Sakura Pink this time for some pop.

4Runners of all generations continue to be common sights up here, in varying states of off-road readiness. This is one I wasn’t familiar with but it looked to be pretty well-sorted, and beyond all of the auxiliary lighting even had a subtle headlight retrofit for on-road duties.

997 GT3 again, in its spot for the day.

Honestly, the rain at the start of the day only helped further elevate how cool the sight of this RS200 was. The faded decals, scuffs, chips, and just a touch of dirt and spray from the weather – it all was so right for this thing.

I had quickly seen this car at a meet a couple of weeks prior but with crowds and such didn’t get the best look at it. This time around I made sure to; unreal to see one in person.

We’re almost at the end for today, with this new Jag F-type 400 Sport. Insert Jeremy Clarkson “Juuuaaaaaggg” jokes here. These F-types continue to look utterly amazing and the subtle yellow accents (badging, sticthing, etc) were just enough to break up the otherwise black/grey palette.

And last up, a Mustang doing some further testing on the theory that TEs look good on any car ever made. Theory still yet to be disproven.

That’s all for today, but be sure to check back soon for Part 2 of Steel Dreamz! As a final note, in case you were wondering; it looks like the post revealing Mario’s new car will be delayed for a little bit because while it has now arrived at the dealership, it landed with a cracked windshield and the wait for a replacement is now delaying delivery. Hopefully soon he can collect the car and we can grab the photos for the site, because people keep asking me to spill the beans on what be bought. Soon folks, soon…


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