The 2021 Cars and Coffee Gallery

Tuesday evenings this season posed a question: head out to Chestermere for the gatherings on the waterfront or head over to Quarry Park for Cars and Coffee? Some weeks we chose one over the other and stayed all night, though on a couple of occasions we did our best to squeeze both in. However, being faced with such a dilemma was nice as it sure beat the alternative of having no car events to check out!

The weekly Chestermere shows were incredible and will be getting their own coverage on the site later this winter, but for this weekend I have my full collection of edited Cars and Coffee photos for you all, covering all of the nights I was able to attend this year and everything from the main show to the parking lot. I had mentioned to Roxy in passing that I felt it was time to get these uploaded to have a slight change of subject material, to which she replied with an all-caps DO IT. So here we go. Haha

This season’s Cars and Coffee schedule was naturally a bit shortened but that didn’t matter as they were a welcome return to the calendar regardless of how many there were. The absolute highlight of the year was undoubtedly the opportunity to see a (Koeniggggsenisseggsegnignigsegigiseg) Regera up close and personal but as usual the lot was filled with amazing machinery regardless of the night, with the spectator parking always having some gems as well.

A big thanks goes to the Ferrari Club for organizing and hosting these again this year as they were some amazing evenings as always, and here’s to (hopefully) yet more in 2022. I hope you all enjoy the photos!


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