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I must say, the response to last week’s update showing off the Bomex aero has been unreal. Not that it would have influenced my plans in any way, but I had expected there to be replies and messages spanning the full range from “hurry up, why is it not on the car yet” to “it’s ricey, burn it with fire”. In reality however, they have all – and I mean all – been in massive support of adding the kit. While I am getting more and more set on the proposed game plan of waiting for the eventual engine bay repaint to have the kit restored and painted, I do very much believe I have secured what should be the focal point of the car’s eventual V2.0 exterior update.

The reason for that round of the S15’s build being set aside for another season is of course the Grand Prix’s own mini/moderate restoration being scheduled for this year, as noted in the 2021 review post. The first proper post documenting that is still waiting on the first round of work to be completed, and that’s likely a handful of weeks out at this point. The engine is presently off for its repairs and rebuild while the car itself is sitting out in storage, to be brought out again once it’s time for the heart to be plunked back in.

Simultaneously we’re prepping various projects and articles for the Mk3 side of things; a few installs for Arabis are being picked away at, the next how-to video and article have been shot and are ready to edit (this one is a bit more involved than the headlight swap, or at least it can be if you do it the way we did), and we’re finally a couple of weeks away from revealing a new product for the community which has been in the works for just about a solid year now. It’s a piece that’ll surely generate mixed responses – those who don’t have the specific vehicles it’s for will wonder what the big deal is, but those that do will hopefully be very pleased to finally have a solution to a long-standing gripe with the early cars. The few fellow owners who have been in on the project during its development have all been extremely excited for it, so I really can’t wait to fully unveil it at the start of February and see what you all think!

Now, the reason for the string of general updates this week is because the photo side of this entry is perhaps a touch short given it was from a relatively brief, one-time event and I therefore didn’t capture a huge amount. To be honest I didn’t have a ton of time to devote to any editing this week however so it worked out nicely that I had this short-but-sweet set in my stockpile of photos to continue working through!

This was a small event that Ruzz had organized at his store and was a perfect way to spend a warm Friday evening. It stayed calm, the lot was largely empty so no one was being crowded by other traffic, and even the dogs were able to have a great time, playing with one another or chasing sticks being thrown around. Especially as we just came out of a deep-freeze here (I think I broke José when I told him we were experiencing -35C or so), photos like these are a welcome reminder of what we have to look forward to once car season returns. A big thank-you goes to Ruzz for coordinating this and inviting us all!

Anyway, that’s all from me for today! I hope you enjoy the photos, and as always thanks for visiting and reading. More meet photos to come next weekend!


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