The 2021 Menace Meets Gallery

As promised in last week’s post I have more meet photos for you all, with it now being Menace’s turn for the spotlight with some of my captures from a few Wednesday nights at the Mary Browns/Tims lot!

I will say, looking back over the 2021 season surprised me a bit in regards to the Menace meets because I really didn’t get out to many. I knew that I hadn’t, but despite this when I saw just how few photos I’d grabbed during the season it still shocked me. My limited attendance wasn’t for a lack of desire to go, rather just conflicts with my work schedule as well as another event taking place on Wednesday evenings up at New Horizon Mall. I didn’t get many opportunities to head out to Wednesday night gatherings, so the few I did had to be split between the two (I do have a few photos from the New Horizon meets as well, watch for those). That said, I’ll take one outstanding photo over a hundred bland ones, and in some cases the only times I saw a person or car in question over the whole season were at one of these Menace meets so while I wasn’t there a lot, the few trips I could make were still very rewarding.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy this weekend’s photos! It’s another super brief intro from me this time around as I’m still preparing a few larger posts to go live as well as taking advantage of the current warm weather to continue working on projects for the cars, so I will leave you with these photos now and see you all next week. Thanks for reading!


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