Tuner Tailgate 2021 – Vol 2

Today’s intro is going to be quite brief as I need to get back to cutting some decals, but following a full month of Focus-themed posts we now return to some meet photos as I finish up the editing of my 2021 stockpile. With it now being March we’re not that far away from some proper car meets starting up again either, so these are a nice reminder of what we have to look forward to once the roads are clear and toys are back in full force!

The Tuner Tailgate meets from 2021 were easily one of the best things to happen for our community in quite some time, and I cannot wait for these in particular. Redline and N/A seemed to nail the formula from the word Go and we were all able to finally enjoy some calm, safe, and mature gatherings once again without having to worry. Tonight’s set of photos concludes my “coverage” from 2021’s editions, with assorted captures of cars, details, and some of the usual doggos too.

Be sure to watch for the groups to announce when these will return for 2022, and with that I’d best get back to the plotter now. I hope you all enjoy!


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