Chestermere Show & Shine 2021 – Part 1

This week I have something new for all of you! The odd photo has been seen on our Instagram here and there and the series was mentioned on the blog previously, but there hadn’t yet been a proper post on them: the weekly Chestermere Show & Shines.

I started heading out to a few of these with the Silvia in the later portion of 2020’s season and greatly enjoyed them, so let some friends in on the dates and times and we added them to our rotation of events. Come 2021 I made a point to attend as many as possible though they did sometimes conflict with Cars and Coffee so I couldn’t always make it, or stay as long as I wanted to. They are hosted in a small lot – constraining them to a very manageable size – and being right on the waterfront is a very welcome change from the usual backdrops of buildings and, well, more buildings. The atmosphere was amazing and while there were some familiar faces each week there were also a number of new-to-us vehicles in the mix, spanning the decades.

I would typically take the Silvia out to these as being right-hand drive it would garner some attention, and as I still haven’t seriously road tripped with the car it was nice to have some regular, slightly longer-than-usual trips in it. As it didn’t get to any of these in 2020 I did also make sure to get Mustard out for some photos next to the water though, and you’ll also see a few of the other cars from the group in both these photos and those in the coming Part 2.

On that, this photo set is in no way properly organized. It jumps from one evening to another so the cars move around, lighting changes, even the camera changes; I shot a few pictures each week and set them aside in a giant folder to save them for some off-season content, so am now working through the collection as I get time. I’ll try to get the second half up before long, but I hope you all enjoy Part 1 now. We’ll be heading out to these again this year and I personally can’t wait to get the cars back to the waterfront for some more pictures and relaxed, calm evenings with fellow gearheads.


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