ST3, ST4, Titanium

Given the prior two posts, perhaps you thought this weekend’s would be another complex install on the S15 but instead it’s a quick set of photos I had saved from the fall, taken during one of the final outings before Mustard (and Gage’s ST as well I believe) went into winter storage.

These are of course three cars you’ve all seen before, but I don’t believe we’d had them all together since the 403 BeaSTs meet at the start of the ’21 season. We wanted to get a few more photos of the yellow trio while we still had the chance, so we worked fast (to beat incoming snow) and grabbed a small batch each; the photos of course don’t convey the chill in the air but the lighting was still half-decent and (importantly, for Gage and I on our summer tires) the roads were clear long enough to enjoy this final short outing together.

With Driven fast approaching now our weekends are being filled up quickly with vehicle prep and we (officialTHREETWENTY) are also getting set to release some more new pieces for you Mk3 owners, but I will try to keep with the regular schedule over the next few weeks despite this. The big “if” presently is getting this month’s video put together in time, but at least for now we have these to finally share with you all. Let’s get to it!

The Yellow Blaze duo, framing the lone Tangerine Scream.

Mustard. Wannabe ST. You all know this.

I know I’ve mentioned it on the blog before when showing Gage’s car, but this ST is always a slightly unique one at events because it’s a true ST3 imported from the USA. Canada did not get the same ST1/2/3 packages as other markets so every single Canadian-market ST is fitted with features like HIDs and full leather Recaros that were optional everywhere else. On that, we always laugh when we see Canadian FoSTs listed for sale with the ads bragging that the car in question has the “full ST3 option package” – literally every ST ever sold here came like that. Haha

And of course, Dijon. As noted in the “2 of 4123” post in February, watch for this to emerge with a slightly different look this season; specifically in the graphics/wheels areas.

It may not have been quite as obvious in the opening photo, but here you can see the difference between the ST-only Tangerine Scream and 2012-only Yellow Blaze. Unless they’re side by side it’s hard to tell but they are indeed two different colours, with Tangerine being much more saturated in comparison.

Despite the risk of red/yellow being an odd combo, I do like Gage’s choice to go with a red mouth on his intake snorkel to match the ST emblems.

Slightly different location, with the three lined up again. I must say, even after many years to take in the designs I can’t tell which ST face I prefer: the 3.5 or original 3.

Some side shots of the three too; at this time Dijon had my RS winters on temporarily, instead of its Integrales unfortunately. We could have had a fifteen52 trio as well!

I like that each sported a different fender setup: stock body, SS Tuning V2, and SS Tuning V1. Also note the tiny mudflaps Mario and I had fitted to Dijon to keep the sides a bit cleaner since it still gets winter driven. They’re discreet but they do help!

Now just the Tarmacs! Gage continued the red accents a bit further with his spoke decals and mudflap logos as well, as you can see here.

I also expect to get an angry DM from Jason for clearly failing a Barrel Inspection here. I should just paint my barrels black, they’re basically always completely covered anyway. Haha

Location (parking lot) number three of three for the day, with the sedan in the middle again. Both hatches also featured the almost-standard wing risers, and sharkfins as well though not the same one. I’m not sure, but Gage’s could be the OEM Explorer piece?

One of us was clearly less sensible than the others when it came to ride height.

And as the final shot for the day, one more of Dijon. I keep teasing (I mean reminding) my mother that this thing needs an aftermarket rear valance to balance things out, but nothing has been purchased yet. I have a semi-rare one in mind which I’m keeping my eyes open for though, and hopefully one turns up eventually so I can just go and fit it for her. Until then, the stock textured piece it is.

With that, back to work now! As mentioned I’ll do my best to keep posts coming over the next few weekends while we’re preparing for – and then at – Driven, but if there’s a pause you’ll know why. Thanks for reading!


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