Acrylic Series SE Emblems: Available now!

It’s hard to believe, but it was a little over seven years ago now that we brought the very first ST-style SE emblems to market! These were never meant to be a product; instead I had made one up to fit to the front of Mustard following its swap to an ST front bumper in 2014, and requests immediately started coming in for copies of it. February 2015 saw the first version launch and not only have they remained a favourite amongst our fellow SE owners since then, but we’ve continued to revise and improve them to get the pieces as close as possible to OEM in appearance while retaining that original 3D-printing production method.

The emblems continue to ship out to cars all around the world and we of course have also offered decals alongside for additional placement options and colour combinations, but we’ve seen the requests for something in the middle: proper 3D emblems that can also be customized in terms of colour.

In response to that, we are now very proud to introduce a second line of emblems to address those desires! These acrylic pieces are the same size and shape as the original 3D-printed versions but can be tailored to a build’s exact colour scheme with a variety of options to choose from for both the acrylic base and vinyl inlay.

For those wanting something a bit more attention-grabbing, we even have options for reflective inlays – presently in red, yellow or even blue.

The new Acrylic Series emblems can be found via the link below, and as always we greatly appreciate the support! We’re excited to not only see what you all think of these pieces, but what colour combinations are created. Most of all though, for something that was originally born as a quick one-off for Mustard we’re proud to see that over seven years later they’re still enjoyed so much.


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