Cars and Coffee 2022 – Vol 1

I’m sitting here this evening, looking at this set of edited photos, and struggling to think of how best to lead into them. What can I say that hasn’t already been said or isn’t already common knowledge? These events are always incredible and reinforce just how fortunate we here in Calgary are, to be surrounded by so many exotic, rare, and historically significant vehicles. The fact that we can often walk right by literal poster cars worth 7-figures and consider it “just another Tuesday” is mind-boggling if you really think about it.

That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the time at these events, because we absolutely do. It’s merely the absurdity of our city (and good fortune to have these as regular events on the calendar) which means that missing a chance to shoot something like an F50 one evening isn’t the end of the world because it (or something even rarer) could be out the following week as well. Additionally, I swear that there are nights we spend more time in the spectator parking lot than the main event lot because the selection of cars in the former will usually make for an incredible mini show by themselves. The Cars and Coffee events truly are in a league of their own.

On that, below is a selection of photos which I have gathered from the events I’ve attended thus far in 2022. Sometimes weather got in the way and called things off or sometimes we were out at Chestermere’s show instead (only so many days in a week), but we have certainly not been left wanting for anything with what we’ve witnessed up until this point. This week’s edition is set to be the Lamborghini-themed evening as well, which is one I’m truly excited for (STOs, perhaps?) – but that’ll be reserved for the next entry of Cars and Coffee photos later this season. For now I hope you enjoy this first batch, featuring a mix of the latest and greatest, the classics, and of course a few of our own as well (always making sure friends are well-stocked on photos of their own projects. Haha). I hope you enjoy!


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