The 1 Of 63 Lamborghini Sian

As mentioned in our latest Instagram post, when the blog sits idle it really only means one thing: show prep is underway! We have a few big events on the horizon but the first of them is Redline Sorority’s Sorority Row, taking place this Sunday. As is usually the case with an event like this many hours are being spent hustling to get a car put together, but for once it’s not one of mine! In what is a rather unusual (but pleasant) scenario, my car is all set for the event and just needs a final quick once-over the night before or morning of to ensure it’s show-level clean. The car in question that is presently a disassembled puzzle spread throughout a garage and house is Roxy’s Genesis, which is undergoing a full colour change and is probably still wet as I’m typing this up, in fact [It is. Hilariously, the second I finished typing that last sentence she sent me a video showing it one coat of clear away from completion]. All of this is to explain the multi-day delay in getting this post up, and surely preemptively explain a delay in what would be this weekend’s entry as well. Car show prep always takes priority!

Anyway, as you may have guessed (if you saw the latest video, linked below for those that didn’t) I have some photos of the special guest at last week’s Cars and Coffee! It had not been my intention to have two C&C-related posts back to back, but it’s not exactly every day you get to see one of these up close so there was no way I was going to sit on the photos until the next C&C gallery later in the season. No matter how “spoiled” Calgary (or any other city for that matter) may be when it comes to supercar spotting, when something of this caliber comes out there won’t be a camera, cell phone, or pair of eyeballs not pointed at it.

As the title would suggest, what you’re looking at here is a Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 – from here on out simply Sian, for brevity – one of just 63 coupes. That’s not for Canada, nor for North America; that’s for the world. You thought the Regera at 80 units was a rare sight? That – arguably – just got beaten (technically Sians will be more plentiful at 82 but that’s 63 coupes and 19 roadsters combined).

This particular example (finished in Arancio Bruciato) was on loan from its owner in Edmonton and in town for the Lamborghini-themed evening, so many of us showed up ahead of the start time in hopes of at least beating the crowds if not getting clear photos. I may or may not have arrived a full 90 minutes early, but I wasn’t the first and many more arrived soon after anyway. We had no idea if the Sian would be already on site, trailered, or driven in, but amazingly it was indeed brought in under its own power so we got to see it in motion as a bonus (can you say nerve-wracking, given the behaviour of many of our city’s drivers?) and hear it a bit too. There was to be no obnoxious revving or unsafe fly-bys as per event guidelines but even being able to just see this static would have been an uber-rare opportunity. Who knows if any of us will ever see one of these in person again?

With all that said, below is the set of photos I was able to grab to accompany the short video from the evening. This thing truly is best described as a “GTA car in real life” with its styling, and the details were plentiful. It was a real treat to have the opportunity to see and photograph this rare Lambo.


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