Unwrapping the 992 GT3 RS

Oh, it feels good to be back with a new post to write and photos to share! Admittedly the subject material is not what I expected (at the very least I wouldn’t have expected to have it this soon in the year), but when an opportunity like this strikes you don’t just turn it down. I especially wasn’t about to, given my ever-growing fascination with and admiration of Porsche and specifically their GT products.

While I do intend for the blog to be more focused on our own vehicles and happenings moving forward – offering more detailed technical articles and in-depth project updates in trade for less of other kinds of content – the chance to see the first 992 GT3 RS being unwrapped was one I jumped at and was eager to share. I need to give a huge thanks for the heads-up that this was taking place (you know who you are) as while it wasn’t some top-secret affair, it wasn’t exactly advertised either in order to keep it low-key. We weren’t even allowed to share any photos or video (outside of a few phone pictures) until the dealership gave the green light, which is why my quick collection of clips could only go up on YouTube a few days ago.

This evening’s post – being typed up after the Euro Cars and Coffee opener which featured Glenn’s new Koenigsegg as the star – is a relatively short one focused mainly on some photos meant to accompany said video clips. Since the car was quickly whisked away to carry on with the PDI process and get delivered to its lucky owner we didn’t get a ton of time with it, and the dealership’s own media team had priority so the rest of us stood back to let them focus on their own content. You’ll note that some covers were still on and the front splitter had yet to be installed following transport, but we could at least be among the first here to see a 992 GT3 RS in the flesh, ahead of seeing them out in the wild on the street or at some future Cars and Coffees. In case anyone from overseas is reading/watching this and wonders about the lack of a cage incidentally, North American cars can’t have them from the factory for regulations so they need to be fitted after the fact if owners wish to do so; it’s unfortunate, but easy enough to remedy. I merely always chuckle when comments are made online about why on earth someone would forgo a cage in one of these cars. Haha

Mandatory cage omission aside, this was a rather nice example with carbon ceramics and the Weissach Package; I’ll admit I’m not fully sold on the WP’s partially-exposed carbon hood (it seems many online share that sentiment) but if you’re getting a GT3 RS you might as well go all the way, right? As with all of Porsche’s GT cars I’m keen to see how owners spec these and what wild combinations of paint and options may pop up, but regardless of configuration there’s no way one of these will ever be considered subtle. Yes, that wing really is massive and the whole car, in person, truly is something wild to see with all of the aero know-how that was applied to this generation.

All of that said I’m going to call this one here and get myself off to sleep, and I hope you enjoy the additional photos of this monster! Be sure to stay tuned as we work through this year’s project updates as well, including the S15’s trunk build which has been amazingly well-received thus far.


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