meet – March 27th

 photo BeyondMarch27Overview_zps7adaa81c.jpg

Last night’s meet was unexpectedly well-attended. Perhaps summer is finally here? Either that or everyone is just impatient and took advantage of the nice weather to bring out the toys. Either way, I was happy to see so many faces and cars. There was quite the assortment of cars too; a couple of VW R32s, some Skylines, M3s, and many EVOs. Even a (very special) Mk1 Focus was there!

Anyway, the pictures are why you’re here so without further delay:

 photo BeyondMarch27V6Focus_zpsabb71474.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27V6Focus2_zps1f23d44c.jpg

This is the Mk1 I mentioned. The exterior has a nice selection of European parts but the really cool bit is under the hood – as the plate makes reference to it has a V6!

 photo BeyondMarch27FociTrio2_zps6a21e0df.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27FociTrio_zps903d6396.jpg

Mario showed up in the ST so we had red, ‘orange’, and yellow.

 photo BeyondMarch27M3s_zps77ef41b5.jpg

A trio of E9xs attended.

 photo BeyondMarch27M3s2_zps8791abb5.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27CaptainSlow_zps7bc3fa34.jpg

Captain Slow was there.

 photo BeyondMarch27Mustang_zps6694c203.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27IS_zps22b408c9.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27R32MustangLexuses_zps201146a4.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27FociandBMW_zpsa757af15.jpg

Solomon’s E90 has just been dropped on KWs. It looks great, and the ride is really good too.

 photo BeyondMarch27Mitsus2_zpsf0a48d8d.jpg

EVO (and one Lancer) party.

 photo BeyondMarch27Mitsus3_zps9dbf0989.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27Mitsus_zps40ed5fbe.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27Integracropped_zpsdf95d747.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27EG_zpsf0da8f27.jpg

RHD Civic.

 photo BeyondMarch27JackieNSX_zpsba78cef3.jpg

Jackie brought out the NSX already!

 photo BeyondMarch27R32MKIV_zps2dcf7df5.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27Solomon2_zps711ad3b0.jpg
 photo BeyondMarch27PoorForm_zps34e73431.jpg

 photo BeyondMarch27widebodyM3_zpsa3a5ab62.jpg

As a final shot, the widebody E46 M3. This thing is mental, and LOUD. Too awesome.


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