meet – April 10th

Another week, another meet. April 3rd saw some unfortunately timed snow so that’s why there are no photos from last Wednesday. Fortunately for us the weather cooperated this time around so we could all meet up at Chinook.

Beyond April 10 Aldrich

Aldrich’s WRX back on its silver and gold (driver’s side) wheels.

Beyond April 10 Blue and Green STi

A row of Subarus formed along the side wall, with this bright example at the end. I like the wheel colour.

Beyond April 10 EP3

Speaking of colourful wheels, this Civic looked good with silver against teal.

Beyond April 10 FR-S

When Mario told me there was an FR-S at the meet it took me a while to find it at first. I didn’t realize how short these are; the Subaru next to it hid it from my view.

Beyond April 10 GT-R

An R35 came out to play as well.

Beyond April 10 Kyle

Kyle’s Civic is back and looking good.

Beyond April 10 Marios ST

Beyond April 10 Marios ST 2

Mario was brave and mounted his new summer wheels – Varrstoens. It snowed the next day.

Beyond April 10 Red Evo 2

Beyond April 10 Red Evo copy

I liked this EVO X. I couldn’t get a shot but the interior had some colour-matched trim which looked really good.

Beyond April 10 Regal

New Buick Regal. Man these look good.

Beyond April 10 Row 2

Kanji has changed wheels again, and is back to being dumped.

Beyond April 10 Row

One of the rows of cars, as a closing shot. It happened to get really cold really fast and I had a presentation the following day, so I headed home early. Hopefully next week’s meet is a good one as well!


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