Spring Thaw: Part 1

Today was the annual Spring Thaw at Deerfoot Mall, so yesterday was spent getting the Focus cleaned up and finally swapping on the summer wheels. While the show started at 10, those wanting to enter had to be there early since it was expected to fill up fast – and it did! The estimate was over 500 cars in attendance.

I figured I would post photos from this event in parts, to avoid having a super long post that would take forever to load.  I’ll also keep captions limited, instead of posting one for each and every photo.

Anyway, here is part one:

Spring Thaw 801

I want one of those signs. I don’t think it’d work on a Focus though.

Spring Thaw 663

Spring Thaw 667

Spring Thaw 673

The customization seen here is unreal. Not only does the nose flip forward, the doors slide back INTO the quarter panels. I can’t imagine how much work it was to figure out how to make everything function.

Spring Thaw 679

Spring Thaw 684

Spring Thaw 692

Spring Thaw 693

Apparently the owners of this unit are preparing for a lengthy road trip with it. Having a classic truck AND trailer is pretty cool.

Spring Thaw 695

Spring Thaw 699

Spring Thaw 703

These three are Volvos, in case you don’t recognize them.

Spring Thaw 704

Spring Thaw 719

Spring Thaw 720

Spring Thaw 725

Spring Thaw 843

Spring Thaw 687

Today’s post will finish off with Ian’s V6-swapped Mk1 Focus. Man, it’s tightly packed in there.

Stay tuned for more photos!


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