meet – April 24th

I arrived a little late to this week’s meet, so I expected the usual crowd to already be there. What I didn’t expect though, was to see such a large turnout! It turned out to be a great meet, a chance to see lots of friends and see some new cars too.

Beyond April 24 Overview

Beyond April 24 overview 2

The second picture was taken a little later, after some had started to leave, but it gives an idea of how well-attended the meet was. Will it be the same next week?

The pictures:

Beyond April 24 Aristo

Aristo, looking classy.

Beyond April 24 Civic

Lots of Civics,…

Beyond April 24 Civics

…of various generations.

Beyond April 24 Derrick Camaro

Derrick’s Camaro, which should look a touch different next week (Get to it Derrick! Haha).

Beyond April 24 Kanji Integra

Kanji’s newly-installed CF hood.

Beyond April 24 M3

E46 M3; I’ve always liked stripes on the kidney grilles.

Beyond April 24 Magnum

This was surprisingly subtle yet obvious once you saw it; a Chrysler 300 nose on a Magnum. As I understand, other markets actually receive a 300 wagon but here we only get the Magnum. So, this is similar to putting a JDM front on an Integra, you could say.

Beyond April 24 R32 front

Beyond April 24 R32 spoiler

Stella 2, sporting the new (reversed) colour scheme.

Beyond April 24 RS4

I do like RS4s…especially in this colour.

Beyond April 24 STi

Simple and clean STi.

Beyond April 24 TSX

Perhaps competing with the R32 and Kanji’s Integra for lowest car?

Beyond April 24 Varis STi 1

Beyond April 24 Varis STi 2

This STi is a car I haven’t seen before, unless it went through a transformation over winter. Varis kit and many other nice upgrades.

Beyond April 24 Verno

Beyond April 24 Verno TE37

Mag blue TE37s on a white Integra. Yummy. I’m liking the look of painted letters on tires.

Beyond April 24 VWs

By this point it was getting dark so this is the last shot for this post. A nice trio of VWs.



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