Spring Thaw: Part 3

Now that I’m back from my trip to Edmonton for the 780 Tuners Season Opener, I can continue with the photos from the Spring Thaw! There will be one more post after this, and then the Beyond meet from May 1st can follow.

Spring Thaw 814

Spring Thaw 822

Spring Thaw 825

Road Runner Superbird; one classic piece of muscle I would very much like to have. I like how…not subtle they are.

Spring Thaw 832

Spring Thaw 838

Spring Thaw 853

Spring Thaw 862

The owner had the period-correct attire for driving; goggles and a leather helmet included.

Spring Thaw 864

Spring Thaw 878

Spring Thaw 889

2013 Boss 302. Yellow is a colour I don’t see much on new-gen Mustangs, and it’s a shame.

Spring Thaw 894

Spring Thaw 900

This was taken from one corner of the lot, a little later in the day. There were cars as far as the eye could see.

Spring Thaw 913

Spring Thaw 914

I’m closing today with ZR’s booth, featuring a couple of very bright cars. The chrome wrap was really cool.


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