Spring Thaw: Part 2

Part two of the photos from the Spring Thaw!

As the day went on the sun kept coming and going, and the temperature varied with it. Fortunately any bad weather stayed away so that the freshly cleaned vehicles on display didn’t have anything to worry about.

Spring Thaw 736

Spring Thaw 739

I liked this one – a 1988 GMC Sierra. It’s now a classic but was in great shape. These trucks were built to last.

Spring Thaw 743

Spring Thaw 745

Lots of Thunderbirds of various generations were on display, thanks to the Thunderbird Club.

Spring Thaw 748

A ’57 next to my ’12. There really was a wide range of cars in attendance.

Spring Thaw 754

Spring Thaw 759

Spring Thaw 762

Spring Thaw 771

Spring Thaw 786

This is one I’ve seen before at World of Wheels, and it’s immaculate.

Spring Thaw 792

Spring Thaw 802

Spring Thaw 807

Spring Thaw 808

I liked the tail lights on this Mustang. I’ve seen it before, but they were a new addition.

I still have more photos to post from the Spring Thaw, as well as those from yesterday’s Beyond meet. There will be plenty of images to share over the next week.


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