meet – May 8th

The blog’s updates have been a little slow lately, because of both preparing for Driven and now, catching up on sleep lost from said preparation. I have now had a chance to get through some more photos though.

Anyway, with just a few days left until Driven, May 8th’s Beyond meet saw many people and cars show up.

Beyond May 8 Overview

It’s great that it’s so light out in the evenings now, it really helps with photos.

Beyond May 8 Camaro

Derrick’s Camaro, with OEM 20s in matte black. The new ride height and wheels have transformed it.

Beyond May 8 E30

BLQs. Always nice.

Beyond May 8 EVO

EVO Xs are regulars at the meets, but it’s rare to see an older generation. Looks good.

Beyond May 8 Integra and R32

Kanji and his brother; the R was in Driven that weekend.

Beyond May 8 Integra

Dave’s Integra, which has since been lowered. Note the Civic SiR wheels.

Beyond May 8 Mk1 Focus

Mine wasn’t the only Focus; this Mk1 was parked there too. Frankly, I’m not even sure if its owner was with us. If you are, let me know! Yet another showed up, but more on that later.

Beyond May 8 Porsche and BMWs

A trio of 1s next to Rhys’ Porsche.

Beyond May 8 R32

Super nice R32, with Volks to boot.

Beyond May 8 TE37SL

A close up. TE37SLs are on my list of favourite wheels.

Beyond May 8 S14

RHD S14 – liking the yellow/white combo.

Beyond May 8 Foci

Beyond May 8 ST and STedan

Before the meet was over, I finally had the chance to park next to a Tangerine Scream ST and compare the two cars and colours. The owner is another member from a forum I’m on. Yellow Blaze seemed pale in comparison, it was rather surprising.

Next up will be some additional photos from the Edmonton trip and then it’s on to Driven!


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