FSWERKS intake, improved

Today was filled with heavy rain and heavy traffic, but I was able to make it over to Zero Limit – Jackie’s new shop – to have a couple of details on the Focus taken care of.

Under the hood I have an FSWERKS intake and it’s great; the sound is addictive and it makes the Focus’ engine actually detectable by the human ear. However, it uses an ITG filter and it’s difficult to find supplies for oiling it here in Canada. I’m personally a fan of K&N filters and finding oil for them is a piece of cake. The problem was that the K&N cone filter I picked up could not be secured adequately to the MAF housing (this intake reuses the stock piece whereas others replace it as well) as it wouldn’t grip properly. This was the solution:

Air filter bracket r

I had seen a similar solution used before so I knew exactly what was needed. A small L-shaped piece of metal was made up, with a hole drilled in the bottom so that it could be fastened down using one of the heat shield’s mounts. It presses against the end of the filter and prevents it from sliding off. Now I can keep the FSWERKS intake but have the K&N filter and the additional cover for added protection.

Thanks again to Jackie for taking care of this little bracket and also threading a shift knob adapter for me! Be sure to check out Zero Limit at 4512 6 St NE for your automotive needs!


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