meet – May 22nd

As it was last week, May 22nd’s weather was iffy. As it was raining for most of the day, I wasn’t even sure if I would be attending the meet that night. Fortunately it let up just in time so I headed over to Chinook.

Compared to a normal turnout it was a very small meet but that’s okay. There are only a few photos this time as the lighting was poor so I didn’t get too many that I liked. Regardless, here are some of the cars that showed up. If you don’t see yours here I apologize, but I will be back again next week of course for more!

Beyond May 22 TL r

Beyond May 22 Saturn r

Matt’s SL2 – I like this one not only because it’s so unique, but because I learned to drive stick in an SL1. It was the same colour too.

Beyond May 22 Row r

Beyond May 22 Subarus r

Beyond May 22 Dave Integra r

Dave headed out briefly and a few of us were hanging out by the edge of the parkade, so we started trying shots from above. We want to try this again to see if we can get some half-decent panning shots.

Beyond May 22 Amuse S2K

Errol’s S2K again. I’m sure lots of people must wonder what the heck it is as an Amuse kit is not something you see here. Ever.

That’s it for now; I told you there weren’t many pictures. Complaints can be sent to the email on the Contact page (haha).


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