Driven 2013 Part 3 – The crowds arrive

Getting back to Driven, here’s part three. This set of photos is from when the show had officially started and people were coming in to look at what was on display. You’ll notice more people in the backgrounds now.

Driven Part 3 005 r

Driven Part 3 002 r

Driven Part 3 961 r

Driven Part 3 931 r

There were plenty of BMWs on display, of various generations.

Driven Part 3 920 r

I knew a friend of mine would appreciate seeing E36s so I grabbed some shots of them.

Driven Part 3 915 r

Driven Part 3 898 r

The Hybrids, belonging to JC and Punit.

Driven Part 3 893 r

Another shot of Punit’s.

Driven Part 3 876

Driven Part 3 870 r

Driven Part 3 884 r

I really liked this M3. Note the exposed CF along the kicked-up lip of the trunk lid. I’ve always liked that.

Driven Part 3 860 r

Driven Part 3 852 r

A bagged Yaris and the Mint Green Skyline.

Driven Part 3 845 r

Aldrich was happily supplying music.

Driven Part 3 843 r

Jason’s LS – would you believe those are 21s?

Driven Part 3 835 r

Driven Part 3 829 r

Note the interior colours of the tC – the spots the driver would come into contact with (seat, shifter, handbrake, etc) featured a more orange shade whereas the rest of the interior had darker brown. I thought that was a really neat idea, to visually separate them like that.

Driven Part 3 817 r

Driven Part 3 804 r

Reggie’s ITR ‘Kid Icarus’. This will be seen again in another post.

Driven Part 3 008 r

The final shot for now – this S14.5. There are still more Driven photos to come! It’s taking me a little while to get through them but I hope you all like them.


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