THREETWENTY and ill.motion

Lately more photos of mine have been going up on ill.motion, as you may have noticed. This will continue as I now have the honour of working with them to cover events around the area. In case some of you were wondering what this would mean for coverage being posted here, I thought I should put up a quick post to explain what to expect.

iM Firebird show and shine 12


First off, a big thank you goes to the iM team who invited me to join them, giving me the opportunity to write and shoot for the blog. I have followed them pretty much from the start and never expected I’d one day be able to help out with their site and share my work on it. I think it’s crazy to see the watermark with my name under it, and am proud to be helping out.

For events to come, I will now and then be posting my photos on ill.motion but that doesn’t mean this blog will be forgotten or neglected. THREETWENTY was never meant to compete with ill.motion or to serve a similar purpose. While often we attend the same events and both post photos from them, that’s due to said events being local and catering to the same group of individuals. iM exists to share the Calgary (and surrounding areas’) car scene while THREETWENTY was meant to be a way to share my personal involvement in the automotive world. It was to highlight photos of events I attend, cars I work on, and other activities I am involved with. The iM team features more cars and has correspondents in other parts of Canada, allowing them to reach further and help showcase more events and vehicles. THREETWENTY will remain local, perhaps occasionally covering an out-of-town event if I am able to attend (such as the 780 Tuners Season Opener).

When I write a post for ill.motion and provide photos, links will be provided here for you to follow and if possible extra photos and commentary will also be shared.


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