Driven 2013 Part 4 – More from the show

At last, more photos from Driven! I can’t believe it has already been two and a half weeks since the show; it seemed to take forever for it to arrive and just like that it’s now in the past.

This set of photos follows after part three. All were taken after the show had started and spectators were present. I hope you enjoy!

Driven Part 4 010

Driven Part 4 031

A VW Karmann Ghia – definitely a cool old car.

Driven Part 4 047

Oscar’s MS3 again.

Driven Part 4 115

Driven Part 4 121

Daniel’s BMW M3. Truly a mad car.

Driven Part 4 123

A C30, with an orange set of Pegasus wheels. I wasn’t expecting to see another car with the same wheels as my Focus.

Driven Part 4 127

Driven Part 4 138

Driven Part 4 149

Driven Part 4 161

Jules’ Focus.

Driven Part 4 168

Driven Part 4 173

Driven Part 4 177

When we got tired we would rest on the steps by the entrance and watch the activity on the floor.

Driven Part 4 184

This fellow was handing out die-cast replicas of Papa John’s Camaro and I was able to get one.

Driven Part 4 284

Seen covered up in Part Two, this was ZR’s surprise for the show. As I said in that post, this Maserati is reportedly worth 2.2 million. It was unveiled early in the afternoon but I had to wait a while for the crowds to clear so that I could get a clear photo.

I have one final set of photos to share from Driven, so a fifth part will come.

As well, as long as the weather holds tomorrow will see another Beyond meet and there will be photos of that too!


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