HPI E10 – Thoughts/Comments/Feedback

Since I have had the E10 for a while now, I thought I would share some thoughts and feedback on it since I have had a fair bit of time to try it out and see what it’s like.

By design the E10 is an entry-level R/C car but is an absolute blast to drive around and offers a good value in my opinion.  Considering mine will spend its life sliding around parking lots and the like, its durability should prove beneficial.

The chassis can be set up with different weight distributions to favour touring or drift. I opted to go with the latter as drifting was something I wanted to try out, and I decided to see how competitive I could make the E10 in that respect. I purchased the touring version in order to get the tC body so the motor and electronics had to be moved around to get the weight distribution better suited for drifting. The drift versions of the kit come with the chassis already set up as mine is now in terms of component placement.

E10 May 30 1

If you’re only going to buy one thing to get your car ready for drifting, it’ll obviously be proper drift tires. I grabbed a set – which once had tread but are now worn down quite a bit – and installed them on some TE37s. They really help it slide and it does fairly well, but there’s still room for improvement for mad skids (as Mighty Car Mods would say).

E10 May 30 2

As some have heard me mention, I’m trying to take this rather seriously and really see just how much I can dial in this chassis for drifting. I’m going through lots of battery charges testing it out, after which I make tweaks and change parts if needed. The biggest improvement should be after I install a locked rear differential, for which a pair of new axles are needed. That should all go in soon. I’m trying to add adjustability to the chassis too (ride height, camber, toe, etc all come fixed from the factory) as it’s the fine tuning which really fascinates me when it comes to the high-end competition vehicles.

In short, I am extremely glad that I picked this up (thanks again to Mike!) and it has already provided many hours of fun. Hopefully the Wednesday night R/C drifting picks up again this year, at the weekly meets!


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