The ST and STedan at Zero Limit

Today I paid another visit to Zero Limit because Mario was there having a new exhaust installed on his ST. He ordered an Agency Power piece which just arrived; I showed up once the car was already back on the ground but got to hear the first start-up (thanks for waiting Mario!).

Marios exhaust 3

I am a huge fan of the OEM tip for the Focus STs but these burnt tips look great poking out from the rear valance.

Marios exhaust 2

Marios exhaust 1

Overall it’s still civilized but definitely makes the ST sound meaner. As we left the shop I got to see and hear the ST driving down the road and it’s really coming together.

Mario’s exhaust wasn’t the only reason I stopped by, however. He brought with him two of his OEM wheels so we could test them on my Focus. A few owners have installed them on non-STs before (including at least one sedan) but to our knowledge it had not been done on a Yellow Blaze. Plus, with mine being the ‘STedan’ (a nickname given on a forum) we had to try.

ST wheels 2

ST wheels 1

ST wheels 3

Back on the ground, the ST wheels really changed the look of the car. The Rs are 17×8 +46 and these are 18×8 +55; the higher offset is something that bothers me but that can be taken care of. Worth noting is that the tires are 215s as these are Mario’s winters. If they wound up on my car wider tires would be mounted and that would help the look too.

Honestly, I’m on the fence. I suppose a lot depends on what I could get for the Rs and the tires they have, as the Continentals still have very few miles on them and look brand new. We’ll see. I need to consider the cost of wheels, tires, TPMS sensors (if those in the Rs stay there) and spacers.

Also, thanks to Jackie for letting us borrow part of his shop to swap wheels!


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