meet – June 19th

Following the exhaust posts, it’s time to catch up on the Beyond meet photos!

I arrived at June 19th’s meet and shortly afterwards the rain started. Kanji and I were looking forward to racing the R/C cars around so a small group of us headed down to the lower parkade level to stay dry, and to give us a chance to bring out the toys.

Beyond June 19 1

Kanji had picked up a new body for his E10 – an R34 – and had it ready in time. It looked amazing sitting on the white TEs, and he added some details with the wing and ‘rolled-down’ windows. Yes, the paint changes from purple to green; Skylines can pull that off really well (scale or 1:1) in my opinion.

Anyway, this meet wasn’t the best for photos as you will be able to tell. I made sure to snap some just to have them but wasn’t expecting anything great.

Beyond June 19 2

I had the Grand Prix this time around as I was clay-barring and waxing the Focus and wasn’t done. Plus, I do want to drive it more often.

Beyond June 19 3

Understandably, Kyle had the Civic out this time instead of the Celica.

Beyond June 19 4

I met Brandon this week when he joined us downstairs, and made sure to get a photo of his car to include here. Yup, right-hand drive!

Beyond June 19 5

All of the black trim on Dave’s Integra has been painted silver now. Of course I forgot to take a picture of whole car and all you see here is part of the trim. Oops.

Beyond June 19 6

The Grand Prix gets two photos this week. Additional proof that yes, it actually does get driven. I still think this is the best it has ever looked (if I do say so myself). I think white wheels, white paint, and the red interior is the best combo for these – and it could be had from the factory.

Beyond June 19 7

Derrick was downstairs as well with us. The Camaro doesn’t have the longest mod list but what has been done has really had an impact on the car. It looks so much different than when he first got it.

I also have photos from the meet on the 26th of course, so expect those soon.


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