EGR window visors

With Sunday School approaching more small changes have been made to the Focus; one of the latest is a set of window visors. I have personally never had a set installed on a vehicle but Mario recently added some to the ST and really liked them, so I figured I’d finally try them out.

These particular ones from EGR fit into the channel, and the install was a few minutes at most. The fronts fit in and are ready to go right away but the rears use double-sided tape and require the windows to stay up for a few days so that they stick fully.

Visors 1

Visors 2

(Check out the marks on the black pillar trim. Clean and polish them all you want, and they still look horrible. Sigh.)

Visors 3

The fitment was great, and I think I’ll like these very much in the long run. Already they have been very nice to have, with the light rain that has happened on and off.


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