meet – July 31st

Recently, Kyle allowed me to share his photos with you all for a Beyond meet (July 10th) since I did not take any that particular week. Once again he has generously allowed me the use of his photos, this time for July 31st’s meet!

Also, there will not be a post for the 24th; I arrived at Chinook late in the evening that week so I decided just to hang out and not worry about photos for the blog. Chances are most if not all of the cars have been seen here before anyway. If you were really looking forward to some shots though, sorry!

And as a final point, since “guest posts” are still new I’m figuring out a few details, such as the signature. You may notice it’s reversed as compared to the last time Kyle’s photos were shared. Also, in terms of editing these are essentially as he gave them to me. A few were very lightly adjusted to help add a little definition but otherwise I left them as they were.

Beyond July 31 1

This week things start off with Aldo’s S2000.

Beyond July 31 2

Beyond July 31 3

Beyond July 31 4

This week Kyle’s Civic showed up on a new set of wheels (Regamasters!) and it looked amazing; but he didn’t take a photo which showed them. I shall grab one this week…

Beyond July 31 5

It’s hard to see in this photo but Kanji has the wing on his Integra painted body colour now.

Beyond July 31 6

Beyond July 31 7

Sonny had the G out again. Massive brakes aside, it’s a sleeper.

Beyond July 31 9

Orange TE-37s? Yes please! Aldrich looks happy, maybe it’s the wheels?

Beyond July 31 8

Beyond July 31 Ollie

I’m closing this time with what was definitely my favourite shot of the night. A few of us were hanging out as others started to leave. When the Juke was approaching we noticed Ollie hanging out the window enjoying the ride and Kyle quickly snapped a few pictures as he passed by. This one was too good to not post. Ollie: ‘Beyond Mascot’? (-Guy)


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