meet – August 7th

We are now less than 6 days away from Sunday School! With the big day approaching there is much to do in preparation, and that means that updates on the blog may be a bit slow for the next few days. ThreeTwenty and the UCCC will have cars there, so on top of making sure the Focus is ready to go (I am still waiting on parts to arrive. It’ll be close!) I also have to make sure the groups will be ready and organized, and there’s an additional vehicle I now need to look after as well. I will share details on that as I can.

Anyway, here are a handful of pictures from last week as something to look at while I deal with the checklist for this weekend. I know it’s really slim, but hey; soon there will be lots of Sunday School coverage to make up for it!

For this evening I attended both Grey Eagle and Beyond (I have photos from GE as well, they will be posted), and decided to use a different lens just to change things up a bit. I primarily use my ultra-wide for car meets and shows since I can then get closer to the cars to avoid people walking through the shots. However, with the amount I do use it after a while it gets repetitive. This time around I went with my telephoto so I could attain a shallower depth of field and (as you’ll see more with some of the GE shots) isolate some cars and details.

Unfortunately the rain decided to arrive shortly after I did, so the camera spent some of the evening in the car to stay dry.

Beyond August 7 1

Rhys’ Porsche looking good. The new silver TE-37s really change the look, and I think improve it too.

Beyond August 7 2

Brian showed up again in his Focus SE. 2013 certainly has seen me meeting lots of Mk3 owners and many have come out to Beyond. In all my time with the Grand Prix I never really found other local enthusiasts (with the 88-96 models) or saw any at meets; perhaps because no one else around here bothered with the old generations. I was the only one crazy enough to work on one. 17+ years of winter driving and the fact they were rust-prone may have something to do with it too…

That said, if you’re reading this fellow owners…Chinook Mall. Wednesdays. 7pm. Hahaha.

Beyond August 7 3

Moving on to Errol’s S2K; I’m sure that for people who aren’t familiar with the Amuse kit, they must see this car and have no clue as to what it is.

Beyond August 7 4

You can see the rain here on Adrian’s Civic. It never let up for long.

Beyond August 7 5

I said I’d take a photo of Kyle’s Civic on its new wheels, so I did. It’s blurry. I’ll try again…that’s what I get for still using the telephoto that late at night. Regardless, now you can see them; Regamasters. Good choice Kyle, good choice.

I wanted to get this post up tonight, even though it’s short. Now it’s back to preparations for Sunday School. Remember to head over to the Max Bell Arena on Sunday to see all of the cars, and if you see me wandering around feel free to say hi! As I mentioned I will share more about what ThreeTwenty and the UCCC will have there if and when I can. Otherwise, come on down and see for yourself in person!


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