Grey Eagle – August 7th

As I said I would I’m now posting photos from the Grey Eagle Casino, which is where a few of us met up prior to heading over to Chinook.

Grey Eagle August 7

The two Foci seem to get a lot of attention at Grey Eagle. There always seems to be a few people checking them out which is cool to see. We even ran into a fellow Yellow Blaze owner at this event.

Grey Eagle August 7 2

You can’t really tell but Mario just installed his new OEM European tail lights. Just under the clear portion are two horizontal LED strips which look amazing when lit. Unfortunately sedans have no OEM LED tail lights…

Grey Eagle August 7 3

Grey Eagle August 7 4

Grey Eagle August 7 5

Some close-ups.

Grey Eagle August 7 6

I honestly don’t even know if this was there for the show or just happened to have been parked there by someone going to the casino; either way, it caught my eye. It’s a Grand Prix GXP, and under that hood is a 303 horsepower LS4.

Grey Eagle August 7 7

A little later this beast arrived. Since I had my telephoto on I had to stand way back to fit it in the frame. Monster.

Grey Eagle August 7 8

I’ve seen this S4 a couple of times now and can’t get over how good it looks. Super clean with a nice hint of colour from the calipers (note those…) and badges.

Grey Eagle August 7 9

Unlike the GXP, I know that this was definitely part of the meet, as I’ve seen it show up before. It’s an Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible, a sibling to my Grand Prix (the cars are on the same platform and are very similar mechanically).

Grey Eagle August 7 10

The final shot for this post is of this pair of track-ready Miatas. On the topic, sometimes at the Grey Eagle you can see petitions being handed around for the new track which is looking to open (Rockyview Motorsports Park). If you see one, please sign it! It’s time we had a track again.

I am still working on all that has to be ready for Sunday, so as I mentioned before the blog may be a bit slow for the rest of the week. I’ll try to post more between now and then but there are only so many hours left to finish everything in!


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