The Focus has been…lowered?!

Tiggy Aug 19 5

In the weeks leading up to Sunday School, along with organizing the group and coordinating the pick-up of a car from Metro, I was also updating the Focus a bit. For the most part it looked like it did before but there were some subtle differences which were very much worth it in my opinion. As seen in part one of my Sunday School photos the center caps were wrapped again and a new engine cover installed, but there was one more thing.

The highest priority on my list was doing something that was a bit overdue, but one that I had reasons for postponing. The Focus was lowered.

Tiggy Aug 19 4

Yeah, you read that right. I own a lowered car now. Shocking.

Seriously though, it was always on the to-do list but was not something I was itching to do from day one. First off, with the Grand Prix sitting so much higher on stock suspension, the Focus’ ride height didn’t bug me. Compared to the old Pontiac, it was much lower and I was happy with it. Second, I was intentionally keeping the bulk of the suspension stock for warranty purposes. Last winter I had one minor complaint which was dealt with under warranty (a slight rattle under certain circumstances, which seems to have been caused by some improperly tightened bolts) but it was smooth sailing aside from that.

With the car approaching its second birthday and no other issues to note, I decided it was time to finally bring it down a bit. Seeing as how the lip kit was complete and it had wheels, lowering would also be the last step to really bring it all together.

Guess what resized

Thanks to Rebel Devil Customs I soon had a set of V-Maxx lowering springs in my hands, and the Friday before Sunday School they were installed. I will admit that I didn’t actually do the install myself – one of just a few times that I was not involved in working on the Focus at all. While I was spending the day getting the 5.0 ready a couple of my coworkers installed the lowering springs and aligned the Focus for me.

Tiggy Aug 19 1

I chose the 35mm version (25mm drop is also available) and the back end has settled into its final height showing how much they lower the car. The front still has to come down a bit more (it has since this photo was taken) but when it’s all said and done it should be fairly even. With these springs the nose does take a little while to fully settle.

With them installed, the ride of the Focus is just as good as (if not better than) stock and my stupidly steep driveway still isn’t a problem. That means I have room to go lower.

Coilovers are next. Don’t think it’s because I’m not happy with the springs though – coilovers were always the plan but they were out of the budget this year so these are the temporary solution. Eventually they will make way for even more low.

Meanwhile, the Grand Prix looks even higher in comparison. Poor GP.



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