Sunday School Part 5 – The end

Here we are, the last post for Sunday School 2013 coverage. I hope that my little look at the event has been enjoyable. I try to show a range of vehicles but in the end cannot get each and every one individually. It’s not because the cars were any less impressive, but merely because I don’t have the time to go edit and post a photo of each and every car at every meet and show I attend. That said, if you’d like to see a photo of your car here or just want one in general, feel free to let me know and I will do my best at a future event!

Sunday School 2013 60

Today we start off with the Mean Girls.

Sunday School 2013 61

Sunday School 2013 62

Sunday School 2013 63

Sunday School 2013 64

Jules was present with her Mk1.  I’m still jealous of the BLQs.

Sunday School 2013 65

Sunday School 2013 67

Reggie’s Rocket Bunny FR-S got a lot of attention. Installing the kit sans wing looks pretty good.

Sunday School 2013 68

Sunday School 2013 69

Sunday School 2013 70

Being against the black paint probably contributed to the effect, but these were probably the brightest white wheels I’ve ever seen. Said combo also means that it’s likely really hard to keep this Camaro clean. Haha.

Sunday School 2013 71

Sunday School 2013 72

This TL was rebadged as its Honda counterpart, the Inspire. I rarely see this generation modified, but it looks good dropped on some wheels.

Sunday School 2013 73

Sunday School 2013 74

I really like bolt-on/riveted on flares, such as the ones on this Corolla. What’s with the driveshaft, you ask?

Sunday School 2013 75

Oh dear.

Sunday School 2013 76

Sunday School 2013 66

This little Scirocco was really cool. The matte yellow really looked good on it.

Sunday School 2013 77

Sunday School 2013 78

I walked up to what looked like a clean, simple S2000. Only once I got closer though, did I notice that under the hood was a superchager. Sleeper!

Sunday School 2013 79

Sunday School 2013 80

Sunday School 2013 81

Sunday School 2013 82

I was really drawn to this EK, thanks to the overall style and the K-series. Honda fan here, driving a Focus.

Sunday School 2013 83

Matt’s Saturn, definitely one of the most easily-recognizable cars in Calgary.

Sunday School 2013 84

With this shot of the awards, I will now finish the official coverage of Sunday School 2013. I want to say thanks again to ill.motion for organizing the event, and to all of the sponsors and attendees for helping to make it such a success! I also want to note that $3000 was raised for the Lupus Society of Alberta; well done everyone!

I plan to be back for year four, what about you?


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